Business writing requires investment — an investment of time, talent, and usually the help from one or more subject matter experts

Crumpled pieces of paper in and around a bin.
Crumpled pieces of paper in and around a bin.
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Before you’ve published a word or pushed the send button on your email, your little piece has already made a hit to your budget, quite possibly harder than you realised.

Doing the Writing Arithmetic

The average annual salary in Australia for adult, full-time employment is roughly $89,000. (According to the Average Weekly Earnings figures for May 2020 from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.) That comes out to about $44 an hour.

Let’s look at very basic costs for writing, based on the average hourly rate:

  • $7.33 — If you bang out an email in 10 minutes.
  • $44 — If you spend an hour writing…

Cover of the State of Writing 2020 research report
Cover of the State of Writing 2020 research report
State of Writing 2020 research report

An overwhelming majority of business communicators know what successful writing looks like, but fewer than half think the content they publish is effective. Where are they struggling with their writing and, more importantly, how can they be more effective?

These are just a few of the findings and questions we asked in the 2020 State of Writing Report from Typeset® and Mantis Research.

We launched our first global survey into writing effectiveness to uncover where businesses are winning, where they’re falling down, and where they can improve, when it comes to writing. …

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Writing an obituary is an awful job.

It’s important writing because it’s part of a permanent record and it lives on the internet forever.

Chances are when you’re faced with the task, you won’t know how to write an obituary because you haven’t done it often.

Use these guidelines and you’ll be able to create a long-lasting tribute to make anyone proud.

Tip: Gather facts

An obituary is a public record historically printed in a newspaper. Newspaper editors would gather all the information needed and write the obituary.

There’s a specific style to writing an obituary for news and it’s handy to adopt this style when you write one.


And improve the effectiveness of your writing

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How often do you click on a hyperlink? If you’re not familiar with the term, you probably already know what it is. Sometimes called a `live link’, hypertext, or a `hot link’, a hyperlink is word or phrase in online content that, when clicked, takes you to another web page with related content. They can make a big difference in the effectiveness of your content marketing.

Here are my top 5 reasons for including hyperlinks in your content:

1. Credibility Think of it as a new age footnote, whenever you’re naming a source, citing a reference, or referring to another publication, a hyperlink lets you do it in the body of your…

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